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2019-01 Calterra Capital focuses on the Mortgage Industry

      • Calterra Capital focuses on providing Financial Technology (“Fintech”) solutions to the Mortgage Industry.  Calterra has made 30 investments in the Emerging Technology space but going forward will primarily focus on creating, funding and growing Financial Technology solutions for the Mortgage Industry. “There’s been incredible advances in technology, we’re going to focus on applying those new capabilities to improve legacy processes and system in the Mortgage Industry”, said Chris Saitta, Managing Director of Calterra.

2019-09 Calterra Capital invests in OptiFunder LLC

      • Calterra Capital announces an active investment of funds and Board level contribution in OptiFunder. OptiFunder is based out of Missouri and provides a fully integrated and automated Warehouse Management System for mortgage originators. “We’re excited to invest time and money into OptiFunder, they’re taking the important decision of warehouse usage out of excel and into a professional platform that let’s originators best-ex their warehouse funding”, said Chris Saitta, Managing Director of Calterra.

2019-10 Calterra Capital funds and launches LauraMac LLC

      • Calterra Capital announces the launch of LauraMac LLC. In early 2019 Calterra Capital identified a need for new technology to replace legacy processes and systems in the loan acquisition, diligence and delivery process of the Mortgage Industry.  Calterra has since created, funded and hired the executive team at LauraMac to solve this need.  “There has never been a team of this caliber put together to solve a need of this magnitude”, said Chris Saitta, Managing Director of Calterra.

2020-01 Amit Aggarwal joins Calterra Capital as a Technical Advisor

      • Calterra is excited to announce the addition of Amit Aggarwal as a Technical Advisor.  Amit has over 17 years of proven experience leading, innovating, designing, and executing large-scale enterprise web-based solutions, most recently as chief technology officer of

2020-01 David Roy joins Calterra Capital as an Investment Advisor

      • Calterra is excited to announce the addition of David Roy as an Investment Advisor.  David brings a blend of strategic and operational expertise and over 15 years of leadership experience in several industries.  David excels at distilling complex product ideas, developing executable product and go to market strategy, then building and coaching the teams required to execute against the plan.

2020-02 Bob Fulton joins Calterra as a Mortgage Industry Advisor

      • Calterra is excited to announce the addition of Bob Fulton a Mortgage Industry Advisor.  Bob brings years of operational and executive experience spanning the Mortgage Industry and Capital Markets.  His unique blend of operational execution and visionary oversight combine perfectly to enable Calterra’s objective to create real world solutions that drive value for the Mortgage Industry.


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